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March 2007

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dragonankh in screen_queens

Grey's Anatomy

I just saw the latest episode. I knew certain things were coming, but what was all that silent stuff at the end? did i miss something??!

as for meredith snoring - tell her to sleep on her side! hee hee


They are a very weird couple. I'm glad burke even admitted that. I missed the last episode and was completely lost until I did a recap on the website. I mean I watch and all of a sudden Burke is in the hospital. Everyone knows about his tremor AND they didn't get in shit, Meredith and McDreamy are sleeping together and Izzy can talk to patients...
she finally deposited the cheque tho!! thank god. i kept waiting for the bank to go.. "um.. im sorry. its been six months. its void" heh
I'm just waiting for her to pay for the girls surgery. I'm just wondering if she will do it secretly or if the girl will know it was Izzy. Then of course she'll make it a habit to help people like that I think. Gives her a purpse with the money...

IMO anyway..
i agree. she said she was supposed to do good with it, in the bank.. and i think she will. but i think it will be secretly
Plus I've heard she has a really good cause for the money. I loved how she said "JUST DEPOSIT THE DAMN CHEQUE ALREADY WILL YOU" with that crazy look on her face. I started laughing.
yes!!! when he said "but there's food all over it" i thought.. damn, are they not going to deposit it?!?

i KNEW alex and addison were going to .. well, become attracted to each other :D
I thought they might but I didn't like the idea. But after last night I'm okay with it. I think it will be cute.

But as I said to Jer...the doctors in charge..NOT suppose to be with their students. YET the only one not getting it on or about to with one is the MARRIED, PREVIOUSLY PREGNANTAN ENTIRE SEASON doctor.Oh and I guess the cheif..but we still know what he did previously.
i love bailey :) but you're right!!! well, izzy as well...
yeah...but if the rumors are true that files out the window.

And she wasn't with a doctor above her but she was sexing it upin the closets with Alex!
i forgot about that!
I'm still sad that they killed denny. IN BOTH SHOWS.

I miss him.
i know!!

i ♥ denny :(