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March 2007

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dragonankh in screen_queens

Grey's Anatomy

thoughts? discussion?

i knew meredith wasn't going to die. even though they teased us with it until the last possible moment. i think it would have been better if she had died.. mostly because she's a tad annoying, but i suppose killing off the main character is a no no.

izzy is.. something else. every episode, she pisses me off even more! im glad george is standing up to her.

i think i like christina's character the best. she is so emotionally deficient, and sandra oh plays her so well. she's a very interesting character


Christina was hysterical drunk! I think her character was the best in this episode. I cried for her, I think, and meredith, who was extremely stupid in limbo. I figured it out the first time it happened. Don't waste your time on the dead girl. DUH!

I loved seeing Denny. I loved him on supernatural! I just feel like the whole relationship was so weird and it's played like this strong, enduring, passionate love but I never really got that from it. I got the love, but it's starting to come off like they were THE love of each other's lives, and by Izzy's behavior, I think they are trying to show she's become bitter since he died, which isn't working well. Plus, I really like Callie. She's actually the only genuinely nice one of the group right now, aside from George. The others are all bitches in their own way, but Callie is only a bitch when antagonized.

I'm curious now about what they're going to do with this 60 day thing. I think they don't know what to do with the character, so this is his alex like redemption.

exactly about the dying girl. yet she kept on trying to save her. if i was denny, i would have smacked her :p

yup, i definitely see that. i also love callie because of that. she's genuine and i love when she finally has had enough and gets aggressive. heh

i hope addison and mcsteamy don't get back together. i really think he's a weak character in all of this. he was a good antagonist when he first came onto the show, but now.. he's just fluff, in my opinion
Yup, mcsteamy is eye candy. But I suspect they're going to do an alex like redemption and then maybe a triangle because GA loves it's triangles. Personally, I want Alex to win because Addison and Alex would be really hot together. (Partially because she has a very good effect on him)