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March 2007

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dragonankh in screen_queens


holy FUCK!!!

i knew sylar and peter would have to have a show down.. and i think this is the last episode of the series

i just kept screaming "no! NO!" at the end

and nathan's mom knowing about it all. eeeeeeeeeeeeee. so much has happened in this episode. i LOVE this show!!!



the smack got laid down, huh??? wild.

and i know!! poor claire. my head would just be spinning out of control if i was her.

but how can it be the last episode?? it's coming back?! this is what confuses me about this show.
A lot of shows now take mini breaks and let the viewers know that by saying when it comes back. If they don't do that, they lose viewers thinking it was canceled or that it's over. Lost did it after four or six weeks. They took off for four or six weeks and then started up again.

I was really glad hiro got his powers back. I'm sure Peter is going to kick Sylar's butt.

I knew Claire's mom was that other girl in the last scene with her dad. I actually suspected something was up with her mom in the scene before that. I love that the orders to help claire were coming from her grandma. That made it soooo cool. I hadn't even thought about Peter being her uncle. That's extra cool.

I'm really curious if Linderman is one of them. I got a sneaking suspicion that he has some ability too.

And I'm actually starting to like Nikki now. She was the character I cared the least about, but in the last few weeks, I've come to like her more.
i hope its a break. i was just concerned because i check on tv.com and it only showed up to episode 18. usually they have info on the entire season. but i checked again after i made this post and there is another episode next week. i can't wait!

im SO glad Ando is back too. i love Hiro and Ando together! and he was able to teleport both of them, which is awesome!

yes - about linderman. im curious too!

i didnt notice another girl in the office with nathan! i need to pay attention more :)

im glad nikki is getting more power to overtake jessica. i was starting to lose interest in those characters!
I didn't notice either!!
It's definitely a mini break. There's usually 21-22 episodes in a season and I think we're at 17 or 18. So they need a break so they can wrap it up with the finale in april/may with the rest of the finales.
i think i misunderstood tv.com. it only showed 18 episodes, but i checked after this post and it showed 19.. so i think it isnt updated fully!

have you seen it from the beginning? i keep downloading the episodes to save them. it is so intense!
I think we have at least 2 or 3 episodes left. Maybe 4.
phew! :)
Peter's got an arsenal of powers now INCLUDING that he can't die and hiro's time portal power. I think he's going to use hiro's power and claire's power and maybe nathan's and the invisible one to get out of this. He's got to have about six or seven powers by now. So he's got a great chance against sylar.
very very true! i just hope he isn't too "taken by surprise" so that he doesn't use them. he could easily turn invisible and start from there.

damn! that lock of hair! it was sooo goood
Pllllus he should be absorbing all of Sylars powers as well!
Oh awesome! I wasn't even thinking of that! He's going to trump Sylar. That's so cool!
I can't remember were I read it but the creater said that this story line about the bomb will be wrapped up this season.

I LOVED that it was Claire's grandma giving the orders. I wonder if she or Nathan's dad also had powers?????
yes! im wondering that too now - as both nathan and peter have powers. i liked nathan a lot more in this episode too. he came off as a bit high and mighty early on, but he's changing

the lock of hair! i sat there shouting, "no.. NO!" jack looked at me as if i was nuts :p
lock of hair???
when sylar was doing his finger thing... cutting peter's head. you saw blood drop on the floor and a lock of peter's (great) hair!
ahhh yes!

I was too busy telling Jer how Peter was going to get out of it..haha
hee hee. im just worried he might be too taken aback to use his powers. he better not be! i love peter!
I wonder if this is where he gets the infamous scar that Hiro mentioned? It would be the perfect opportunity. There or when he's explosion man.

I'm glad they'll be wrapping up the NY bomb story this season. There's just so much they can do in other seasons.

I think linderman has some power. Convinced of it. He's going to be the Patrick Stewart of these XMen! Only a little edgier and perhaps with a wedge of 'don't fuck with me'
im also glad they're wrapping it up. i think the writers have done very well and they won't keep something dragging for the sake of dragging it out (which is the impression i get from LOST)

Yeah but it's almost instinctual for him to use them now. Remember when invisible man threw him off the roof? He thought of something... claire! So he has so many things he can think of right now. Claire would be the most obvious. But I think he'll think of Hiro and go invisible too. Maybe he'll also hear what Sylar is thinking so to give him more control of the situation.

What powers does he have so far? invisible, future painting, can't die, (flying, mind reading, time control - unused, untapped)... are there others? I can't think of everyone he's crossed paths with... not counting Sylar who has about 10 at least.
im hoping it will be instinctual too. true - he hasn't tapped into Hiro's power yet.. im trying to think if he crossed paths with anyone else, but i don't think so