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March 2007

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So this is just my opinion of course...

I HATE it when drama shows go into the characters personal lives too much. For instance, I watch all the Law & Orders, Cold Case, and now recently Without A Trace. Yesterday's WAT was basically 45 minutes about one of the agent's health problems. Cold Case goes back and forth on both of the detective's love lives and Law & Order gets personal many times as well. I just want to watch a full hour of crime and mystery and not be bothered with who left who and who has health issues... you know what I mean?


i like it with certain shows.. not the law and order ones because those are about the cases. similarly, CSI ones are about the cases too. but shows like Dexter and Six Feet Under are all about the characters. but they start off like that, they dont suddenly start talking about eac individual character, if that makes sense?
Yeah that makes sense. If you start watching a show from the beginning and it's always about the characters personal lives, then you know to expect that. I don't like it with shows like L&O because I just want to see the cases, not get a look into their dating lives or health issues etc.
I like the CSI setup with a little bit of their lives so you can appreciate the characters and how it's impacting their jobs. Otherwise they would just seem like mindless automotons. But they keep it to a minimum. Maybe 10-15 minutes of the show, IF that. So it's like an ongoing subplot to the major storyline of the crimes, but never overwhelmingly so. Otherwise, it's way too much.

WAT used to keep it fairly minimum, but they seemed to be veering into making it nearly half the show when I stopped watching. I think that's too much because then it's a character drama where as it's supposed to be a procedural.