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March 2007

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The Sopranos

So A&E are playing The Sopranos now and they aired the first show last night. I have never watched one show before but since so many people rave about it and since I like mafia stories I was really excited about seeing it from the beginning. I watched about 25 minutes of it last night and then turned it off. At first it was really interesting and I actually laughed my head off a couple of times, but I didn't really like seeing people actually getting beaten and I hate watching anything with lots of drug use. I suppose I should have expected that but the idea of watching all of the shows suddenly doesn't appeal to me anymore.


it does have a lot of that, that's for sure. i liked it, but after series three it seemed to drag a bit, in my opinion
I guess I wouldn't be missing much then, thanks for your opinion. :)
We use to watch it for a few seasons. But I just got tired of the constant swearing, unneeded nakeness ( I only need to see so much of the strippers in his club when I get the point)and violence.

I felt the same..I should have known to expect it but it just got old IMO.

I guess even though we know to expect the violence and swearing etc., it can still get a little old and boring. Thanks for your opinion on the show. I don't think I'm going to regret not continuing to watch it.
I was into it and got it on DVD for around four seasons. Then I just lost interest. I think it was a mix of the violence and tone that just got to me after a while. I tend to like fun scifi type shows more than gritty realitistic shows (barring CSI original and NY).
I know I would lose interest too with the violence and other stuff. I'm just not into that. Yet I can watch crime shows and see a corpse lying on the table and it doesn't bother me. It's weird.