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March 2007

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ikea in screen_queens


Some co-workers highly recommended the show and even downloaded the first 9 episodes for me so I could catch up. Both my husband and I are addicted to it. We finished all 9 in a weekend so we could watch the 10th on the monday!

Anyone else watching it?


ohhh some people on my friends list are raving about it. i guess i should download it!
If not I'll just send you my discs. Another co-worker borrowed them. Almost done then I'll mail them!
i've started downloading them.. i'll see how it goes - thanks :D
Haha! I wish I was more of a downloader.I don't even have a program to download them with.
I've been watching since the start. They do great teases at the end of the episodes.

I love Future Hiro. He's awesome. Don't care for nikki at all. I find her extremely boring. Only in the last few episodes did she start to get a little more interesting.
I agree about Nikki. She's really the only one that I didn't care for.

I love Hiro. Especially geeky Hiro. My fav line was "I've got to find that sword!"
Nikki's DH and son have great potential though. And I like that Peter can take on other people's power. That could be really fun down the line!

If you like heroes, you might enjoy Smallville. It's in its 5th season, I think, but it's really good. I never bothered with it until a friend who is as much of a Scifi geek as me recommended it. I got the season online and flew through them. I LOVE how they write so that you watch it and all the things about superman make sense. It's about superman's youth growing up on the farm. Soooo awesome!
Yea, I like the son and DH as well,
I also think that Peter is going to be too close to the nucular guy and that is why he explodes. I love how they are all starting to interlink. It took me few episodes to get into buttt it was worth it.

I use to watch Smallville closer to the begining but then just lost track of it when I was watching too many shows. The odd one I've seen lately makes me want to start watching all the time again though!