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March 2007

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dragonankh in screen_queens


ok, im a post whore today :D but we've been catching up with this week's programs.

we just watched Monday's Heroes

the reason i love this show is that it hasn't dragged ever. everything is so perfectly timed. just when you think they might drag things out, they surprise you.

im glad peter is finally getting to use his power. though i hope this isn't the last we see of claude (i do love christopher eccleston.. he's a great actor). i was surprised to see simone die at the end, but i think it was perfectly done. and the ambush at claire's house was perfect as well. things are coming together!

tho something needs to be done about sylar. i wonder if mohinder will figure out that he's sylar instead of zane.

this is an awesome show!


I know I loved it!!!

i really love how peter's character is developing!
He loved kinda evil in the last one
I agree with you on the dragging issue. I was starting to feel it was dragging and this weeks episode was wonderfully done. Peter's progress was awesome.

I really thought mohinder would figure it out right then when they found the woman. I guess he's slow on figuring things out.

I want Peter to cross paths with the mind reader guy. I'm thinking this whole show is built around him being the Primary here with Hiro second. Hiro needs to get use of his powers again. I'm totally frustrated because I LOVED future Hiro!
he did cross paths with him... remember.. when he was in the room with with matt and that fbi woman and started hearing all the thoughts because matt was there? i think it was when he was in jail after the attempt on claire's life.

i LOVE the way peter progressed in this episode. and did you notice how "darker" he's getting. like angry and evil? im such a sucker for the gorgeous angry ones :)

yeah, mohinder is slow. and i got him in that stupid quiz! lol

peter is definitely the primary. he can match sylar anyday
Peter is definitely going up against Sylar.

I can't believe I have no recollection of him meeting the mind reader guy (whom I love from Alias!). It's like a very vague memory that I feel like I'm imagining.

I wonder if they're going to pair Peter and Hiro up again because I think at the state Peter is now, he would have the most impact on Hiro to help him become badass future Hiro (whom I have the hots for!)

I really want HRG (horn rimmed glasses) to get his due! He's messed with too many of them. Now that Peter knows about the tracking, I suspect that nut is going to be cracked wide open!
it was so fleeting.. they were only together for a short while in the interrogation room.. im pretty sure of it. because i remember matt coming and and trying his mind reading and peter got all wigged out about it because it was almost like a sort of feedback he was getting from matt.

i like matt too! he is great :)

oooh true about pairing hiro and peter up!

i think he is definitely going to get his due. the haitian already betrayed him buy not erasing claire's memory.

peter is such a badass now!! though i still have the hots for isaac :p
A lot of women seem to love Isaac. I wasn't really fond of any of them at first, but Peter grew on me fast and future Hiro won me over in 3 seconds! I want to see Rocky Balboa because Peter's in it.
i think hiro is cute and cuddly heh. there's something about isaac. i think its the whole suffering artist thing.

also, one thing hubby mentioned to me. i wonder if peter has taken on some of sylar's evilness along with his skills?
Oh, that's interesting that Peter might have gotten some of Sylar's evilness. I hadn't even thought of that. I'd thought Peter was coming into his own and peeking out of a shell. But he seems to be tougher now too, which goes along with the darkness that the scene with him and Hiro on the train implied was with him in the future.
I remember Peter meeting Matt...but for a very short time. Because he couldn't take all the noise. It was right before he ended up in the hospital.

I loved him on Alias as well. And Peter on Gilmore Girls.


I love how they are preparing Peter to go against Sylar (in my opinion anyway)
yes - it was only a short time. i totally think they are preparing peter to go against sylar. and i wonder if he has actually taken some of sylar's evil as well. he's getting to be such a dark character!
I love how they're preparing the pair off too.

Matt was one of my favorites on Alias. I squealed when I saw him on this show.