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March 2007

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jerry bf

themirrorscold in screen_queens

bones and medium are on tonight.

two other shows that i LOVE.

tj thyne is my favorite character on bones. and he's so cute! :)

any fans of either here?


i used to watch medium, but not religiously. Bones - i love the books and was really disappointed with how they transitioned it to a series.
i didn't know bones was based on books. now i can't read them cuz i love the show!!!

travis hates medium, because the phone is always on her husband's side of the bed. LOL.
yeah what is that about? as its always for her!

the books are awesome. i got into them because they take place in Montreal (where I'm from) and North Carolina. and i just ended up loving them!
i'll have to check them out!

oh, and i just noticed that all_recipes has like 488 members!! holy cow!! that's awesome. :)
thats insane. seriously. it just grew overnight
Okay I've never seen either show! My mom goes on and on about Medium. I suppose I should watch it one day. :P
i love it! travis hates it but i make him watch it anyway. :)

you should check them both out! i used to not like bones because i'm not a very big david boreanez fan but the supporting characters are who i like. and he's growing on me. i just think he looks like a neanderthal.
I am such a bones and medium addict it's not even funny. And I was meh on both of them when they first started. In fact, I missed several episodes of both. But now? Probably two of the shows I most look forward to seeing. Love the characters. Love the concepts. And they're both so interesting. Especially Medium because it's NEVER what you think. You never know where her dreams are going to lead and that's so rare on TV nowadays.
did you watch bones tonight? i thought it was EXCELLENT!!!

and i'm in the middle of medium now. :)
trivial fact: the real alison dubois and i share a birthday. :) she's 5 years older though.